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/* $Id: CommandConsole.h 243 2009-04-19 11:22:41Z dezperado $ */
 CommandConsole.h : Fim console dispatcher header file

 (c) 2007-2009 Michele Martone

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA

#include "fim.h"
#include "DummyDisplayDevice.h"

namespace fim
class CommandConsole
      friend class FbiStuff;

      MiniConsole mc;
      FontServer fontserver;

      fim::string postInitCommand;
      fim::string postExecutionCommand;

      int show_must_go_on;
      int return_code;  /* new, to support the 'return' command */

      struct termios  saved_attributes;
      int             saved_fl;

       * the image browser logic
      Browser browser;

      fim::Window * window;
       * the registered command methods and objects
      std::vector<Command*> commands;                 //command->method

       * the aliases to actions (compounds of commands)
      typedef std::map<fim::string,std::pair<fim::string,fim::string> > aliases_t;  //alias->[commands,description]
      //typedef std::map<fim::string,fim::string> aliases_t;      //alias->commands
      aliases_t aliases;      //alias->commands
       * bindings of key codes to actions (compounds of commands)
      typedef std::map<int,fim::string> bindings_t;         //code->commands
      bindings_t bindings;          //code->commands

       * mapping of key name to key code
      key_bindings_t    key_bindings;     //symbol->code

      typedef std::map<int, fim::string> inverse_key_bindings_t;//code->symbol
      inverse_key_bindings_t inverse_key_bindings;//code->symbol


      int save_history();
      int load_history();

       * the identifier->variable binding
      typedef std::map<const fim::string,Var> variables_t;  //id->var
      variables_t variables;  //id->var

       * the buffer of marked files
      std::set<fim::string> marked_files;       //filenames

       * flags
      /* no readline ? no console ! */
      int   ic;                           //in console if 1. not if 0. willing to exit from console mode if -1
      int   cycles;                             //fim execution cycles counter (quite useless)
      int   exitBinding;                        //The key bound to exit. If 0, the special "Any" key.

       * the mapping structure for autocommands (<event,pattern,action>)
      typedef std::map<fim::string,args_t >  autocmds_p_t;  //pattern - commands
      typedef std::map<fim::string,autocmds_p_t >  autocmds_t;          //autocommand - pattern - commands
      autocmds_t autocmds;
       * the last executed action (being a command line or key bounded command issued)
      fim::string last_action;
      bool recordMode;
      typedef std::pair<fim::string,int> recorded_action_t;
      typedef std::vector<recorded_action_t > recorded_actions_t;
      recorded_actions_t recorded_actions;

      bool dont_record_last_action;
      fim::string memorize_last(const fim::string &cmd);
      fim::string repeat_last(const args_t &args);
      fim::string dump_record_buffer(const args_t &args);
      fim::string do_dump_record_buffer(const args_t &args)const;
      fim::string execute_record_buffer(const args_t &args);
      fim::string start_recording(const args_t &args);
      fim::string stop_recording(const args_t &args);
      fim::string sanitize_action(const fim::string &cmd)const;

      void record_action(const fim::string &cmd);

      int fim_stdin;    // the standard input file descriptor
      char prompt[2];

      args_t scripts;         //scripts to execute : FIX ME PRIVATE

      void markCurrentFile();
      #ifdef FIM_WITH_AALIB
      AADevice * aad;
      DummyDisplayDevice dummydisplaydevice;
      DisplayDevice *displaydevice;

      fim::string execute(fim::string cmd, args_t args);

      const char*get_prompt()const{return prompt;}

      CommandConsole& operator= (const CommandConsole&cc){return *this;/* a nilpotent assignation */}

      fim::string markCurrentFile(const args_t& args);
      bool display();
      bool redisplay();
      char * command_generator (const char *text,int state)const;
      int executionCycle();
      int init(string device);
      int  inConsole()const;
      float getFloatVariable(const fim::string &varname)const;
      fim::string getStringVariable(const fim::string &varname)const;
      int  getVariableType(const fim::string &varname)const;
      int  getIntVariable(const fim::string & varname)const;
      Var  getVariable(const fim::string & varname)const;
      int  printVariable(const fim::string & varname)const;
      int  setVariable(const fim::string& varname,int value);
      float setVariable(const fim::string& varname,float value);
      int setVariable(const fim::string& varname,const char*value);
      Var setVariable(const fim::string varname,const Var&value);//NEW
      bool push(const fim::string nf);
      int executeStdFileDescriptor(FILE *fd);
      fim::string readStdFileDescriptor(FILE* fd);
      bool push_scriptfile(const fim::string ns);
      bool with_scriptfile()const;
      fim::string executeFile(const args_t &args);
      fim::string echo(const args_t &args);
      fim::string do_echo(const args_t &args)const;
//    fim::string get_expr_type(const args_t &args);
      fim::string help(const args_t &args);
      fim::string quit(const args_t &args);
      fim::string _stdout(const args_t &args);
      /* naming this stdout raises problems on some systems 
      # uname -a
      Darwin hostname 7.9.0 Darwin Kernel Version 7.9.0: Wed Mar 30 20:11:17 PST 2005; root:xnu/xnu-517.12.7.obj~1/RELEASE
      # gcc -v
      Reading specs from /usr/libexec/gcc/darwin/ppc/3.3/specs
      Thread model: posix
      gcc version 3.3 20030304 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 1495)
      fim::string do_stdout(const args_t &args)const;
      fim::string foo (const args_t &args);
      fim::string do_return(const args_t &args);
      fim::string status(const args_t &args);
      int  executeFile(const char *s);
      int execute(const char *ss, int add_history_, int suppress_output_);

      int  toggleStatusLine();
      int  addCommand(Command *c);
      Command* findCommand(fim::string cmd)const;
      fim::string alias(std::vector<Arg> args);
      fim::string alias(const fim::string& a,const fim::string& c);
      fim::string aliasRecall(fim::string cmd)const;
      fim::string system(const args_t& args);
      fim::string cd(const args_t& args);
      fim::string pwd(const args_t& args);
      fim::string sys_popen(const args_t& args);
      fim::string pread(const args_t& args);
      fim::string set_interactive_mode(const args_t& args);
      fim::string set_in_console(const args_t& args);
      fim::string autocmd(const args_t& args);
      fim::string autocmd_del(const fim::string event, const fim::string pattern, const fim::string action);
      fim::string autocmd_del(const args_t& args);
      fim::string autocmd_add(const fim::string &event,const fim::string &pat,const fim::string &cmd);
      fim::string autocmds_list(const fim::string event, const fim::string pattern)const;
      typedef std::pair<fim::string,fim::string> autocmds_loop_frame_t;
      typedef std::pair<autocmds_loop_frame_t,fim::string> autocmds_frame_t;
      typedef std::vector<autocmds_loop_frame_t > autocmds_stack__t;
      typedef std::vector<autocmds_frame_t > autocmds_stack_t;
      //typedef std::set<autocmds_frame_t> autocmds_stack_t;
      autocmds_stack__t autocmds_loop_stack;
      autocmds_stack_t autocmds_stack;
      fim::string bind(const args_t& args);
      fim::string getAliasesList()const;
      fim::string dummy(std::vector<Arg> args);
      fim::string variables_list(const args_t& args){return get_variables_list();}
      fim::string commands_list(const args_t& args){return get_commands_list();}
      fim::string set(const args_t &args);
      fim::string unalias(const args_t& args);
      char ** tokenize_(const char *s);
      void executeBinding(const int c);
      fim::string getBoundAction(const int c)const;
//    void execute(fim::string cmd);
      fim::string eval(const args_t &args);
      void exit(int i)const;
      fim::string unbind(int c);
      fim::string bind(int c,fim::string binding);
      fim::string unbind(const fim::string& key);
      fim::string unbind(const args_t& args);
      fim::string getBindingsList()const;
      fim::string dump_key_codes(const args_t& args);
      fim::string do_dump_key_codes(const args_t& args)const;
      fim::string clear(const args_t& args);
      fim::string scroll_up(const args_t& args);
      fim::string scroll_down(const args_t& args);
      int quit(int i=0);

      int  drawOutput(const char*s=NULL)const;
      bool regexp_match(const char*s, const char*r)const;
      fim::string autocmd_exec(const fim::string &event,const fim::string &fname);
      fim::string pre_autocmd_add(const fim::string &cmd);
      int catchLoopBreakingCommand(int seconds=0);

      int catchInteractiveCommand(int seconds=0)const;
      fim::string autocmd_exec(const fim::string &event,const fim::string &pat,const fim::string &fname);
      void autocmd_push_stack(const autocmds_loop_frame_t& frame);
      void autocmd_pop_stack(const autocmds_loop_frame_t& frame);
      void autocmd_trace_stack();
      int  autocmd_in_stack(const autocmds_loop_frame_t& frame)const;
      fim::string current()const{ return browser.current();}

      fim::string get_alias_info(const fim::string aname)const;
      const Window & current_window()const;
      fim::string get_variables_list()const;
      fim::string get_aliases_list()const;
      fim::string get_commands_list()const;

      void printHelpMessage(char *pn="fim")const;
      void appendPostInitCommand(const char* c);
      void appendPostExecutionCommand(const fim::string &c);
      bool appendedPostInitCommand()const;

      Viewport* current_viewport()const;
      Viewport* viewport;
      void dumpDefaultFimrc()const;

      void tty_raw();
      void tty_restore();
      void cleanup();
      fim::string print_commands()const;

      void status_screen(const char *desc);
      void set_status_bar(fim::string desc, const char *info);
      void set_status_bar(const char *desc, const char *info);
        bool is_file(fim::string nf)const;
      fim::string do_getenv(const args_t& args);
      bool isVariable(const fim::string &varname)const;
      fim::string dump_reference_manual(const args_t& args);
      fim::string get_reference_manual(const args_t& args);
      fim::string get_commands_reference()const;
      fim::string get_variables_reference()const;


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